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Mikael Samuelson & Svante Henryson

Voice, cello and piano/keyboard.

I have performed together with Mikael and Svante in different venues since the mid-nineties. The first concert took place at Polar Music Prize 1995. 

Midvinter (listen on Spotify)

Mikael Samuelson, Svante Henryson, 

Lennart Simonsson, 1996, Universal 

Photo: Mats Bäcker

Photo: Monika Franzon

Photo: Annika Falkuggla

Voice/harp, flute and piano.

Margareta, Janne and me, all very individual ensemble musicians enjoy creating music in the borderland between different genres and expressions. From classical to swedish folk songs and jazz.

Margareta Bengtson, Janne Bengtson & Lennart Simonsson

Vågspel in rehearsal

Stockholm Chamber Jazz
Staffan Mårtensson, Janne Adefeldt
& Lennart Simonsson

Clarinet, double bass and piano.

The music of Stockholm Chamber jazz is a merging of classical music, folk music from different cultures and jazz.

Stockholm Chamber Jazz (listen on Spotify

Staffan Mårtensson, Janne Adefeldt, Lennart Simonsson, 2015, Daphne Records

Photo: Carl Thorborg

Photo: Leif Johansson

Anders Berglund & his band

I've been playing the piano in different big bands and symphonic orchestras led by Anders since the beginning of the nineties. Often in collaboration with some of Swedens greatest singers and performers.

Photo: Micael Engström

Once in my life  (listen on Spotify)

Peter Mattei, Norrrköpings

Symfoniorkester, 2014, Naxos

Songs for Daddy   (listen on Spotify)

Jill Johnson, Anders Berglund Big Band,

2015, Lion heart

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