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trio x of sweden

Lennart Simonsson, Piano

Per V Johansson, Bass

Joakim Ekberg, drums

Trio X is one of Sweden’s foremost improvisational groups. The trio’s distinctive feature is exploratory and boundary-crossing music, and the experienced musicians find inspiration in many genres.


Lennart Simonsson, Per V Johansson, and Joakim Ekberg started collaborating in 2002, and since then they have made several recordings, worked with numerous well-known artists, and toured in Sweden and abroad.


Trio X is a multi-faceted ensemble that works with many projects, from concerts in jazz clubs, in concert halls, and at major festivals to classroom appearances. Alongside their public concerts, they also play in healthcare and caring institutions. The musicians also teach and provide inspiration for amateur groups.

Photo. Urban Jörén

Photo. Urban Jörén

Among Trio X’s many collaborators, mention can be made of cellist Svante Henryson, recorder player Dan Laurin, accordionist Bengan Janson, guitarist Georg Wadenius, singer Mikael Samuelson, and saxophonist Magnus Lindgren.


They have also worked with choirs, like Orphei Drängar, and orchestras, such as Uppsala Chamber Orchestra. On several occasions the trio has toured in Estonia with the Estonian saxophone virtuoso Lembit Saarsalu, including the dance production Changing Images, which is based on music by Trio X..

      -Trio X of SWE

Träumerei  (listen on Spotify)

Trio X of SWE, 2012

Skivbolag: Prophone Records (

Gems from the classical repertoire in a jazz presentation by the trio.

Trio X of Sweden  (listen on Spotify)

Trio X of SWE, 2005

Skivbolag: Agnas Musikproduktioner AB ( 

Original music by the trio.

In dulci jubilo  (listen on Spotify)

Trio X of SWE, 2003

Skivbolag: Agnas Musikproduktioner AB (

Christmas album with Trio X with traditional christmas music in improvised form.

-Trio X and friends
Jojjes klassiska barnvisor (isten on Spotify)
– Jojje Wadenius, Trio X of SWE, Göteborgs Symfoniker, conductor Christoffer Nobin, 2016
Skivbolag: Nilento Records (

Grammis nominated childrens record with Jojje Wadenius classic songs for children in arrangements by Martin Östergren

– Georg Wadenius & Trio X of SWE, 2014
Skivbolag: Georg Wadenius (

Meditation och presence together with one of Swedens greatest guitarr players.

Special Occasion

- Trio X of SWE & Lembit Saarsalu, 2013

Skivbolag: Musik i Uppland

A musical meeting between swedish improvisation and estonian saxofone virtuosity.

Maria Guds Moder (Mary, Mother of God)

– Trio X & Mikael Samuelson, 2011

Skivbolag: Joglar (

Poems about the Virgin Mary, mostly by Bo Setterlind, set to music by Mikael Samuelsson

Upp med hakan (Chin up!) (listen on Spotify)

– Trio X of SWE & Bengan Janson spelar (play) Allan Edwall, 2010

Skivbolag: Ladybird Productions AB (

Allan Edwall's beloved songs interpreted by the trion and Bengan Janson

Så skimrande var aldrig havet
– Trio X & Lunds Studentsångare, Elin Rombo, Christer Nerfont
Skivbolag: Naxos (​

Live at Fasching  (listen on Spotify)

-Trio X & Agnas Bros, 2007

Skivbolag: Agnas Musikproduktioner AB (

Trio X samarbete med blåsarbröderna Agnas i en konsertupptagning

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